Techincal assistance and briefing of contract teachers conducted by the education office of Nduga-Jubi/Islami

Nduga Regency needs more teachers


Techincal assistance and briefing of contract teachers conducted by the education office of Nduga-Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – The Government of Nduga District currently is in desperate need of teachers for all levels of education, kindergarten to high school.

This was stated by Assistant I of Regional Secretary Nduga government, Namia Gwijangge to reporters after opening Technical Assistance (Bimtek) and debriefing for 17 new contract teachers in Wamena, Monday (July 24).
“In recent years we have been trying to open schools of kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school and vocational school but we have teacher shortages,”said Namia Gwijangge.
He explained that by 2015, the government of Nduga has received 73 contract teachers and in 2017 as many as 17 people.
Currently, Namia explained, the Education and Culture Office of Nduga, through the special autonomy budget of 2017, has budgeted funds to contract kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school teachers.
Namia explained, through the briefing of this contract teacher, they will be placed in Nduga for five years of service. He continued, although the needs of teachers are still on demand in Nduga, but the quota is only 20 people that will be placed into schools as needed.
“Each month we give them (teachers contract) a salary of Rp5 million. We will place them in all schools spread across 32 districts, which the education department also plans to receive contract teachers more in 2018, “he said.
Namia Gwijangge added, specifically for the education office, there is a quota of acceptance CPNS (civil servant candidates) 2013 as many as 47 people who allocated for education. However, the result of CPNS formation 2013 has not been announced so that the agency must look for contract teachers every year.
Secretary of Nduga District Education Office, Samuel Pabundu, admitted that up to now there are about 90 contract teachers and 200 teachers of public servant status in all education units in Nduga District.
The education office, Samuel explained, has also opened schools all the way to remote districts, but for elementary schools there are 29 schools that are still in dire need of teachers.
“Therefore, to meet this need we can not wait for the results of the announcement CPNS in 2013 which until now has not been announced, it is urgent, so we recruit the additional 17 teachers based on contract then around 73 so there will be 90 teachers, “said Samuel Pabundu.(*)

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