Ndiwaen Disappointed of Removing Indigenous Attribute


Merauke, Jubi – Papuan indigenous women criticized the revocation of customary paraphernalia by the people of four clans in Merauke Health Office.

The paraphernalia were erected in protest over the delay by the local government to settl land compensation valued at Rp. 66 billion first.
“The sasi customary was planted in front of office and has not been revoked. Yet other attributes was revoked and it violated customs rules, Elizabeth Ndiwaen Mahuze said last week.

As an indigenous woman, she was very disappointed with the steps taken by of community of the four clans. It should have revoked all custom attributes including sasi planted in the yard of Merauke Health office.
“We have received the assurance that the joint meeting of Merauke regent would be held on Tuesday, April 6th, 2015. The meeting is to discuss the settlement payment of compensation, “he said.

One of the owners of customary rights, Donatus Mahuze admitted, since decades, the land has not been resolved. “We’ve been taking a few ways, including sending a letter to the government to settle compensation, “he said. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)


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