Native Parents Must Not Contribute for Children at Dormitory


Merauke, Jubi – A school dormitory would provide a huge benefit to the children. It accommodates the children to have a well supervision both on learning activity and other activities outside of the school hours, the Merauke Regent Romanus Mbaraka when launched YPPK Yos Sudarso High school Dormitory in Merauke on Tuesday (10/2/2015).

He said the children would get a lot of benefits when staying at the dorm. The parents who are indigenous Papuans would totally release their children and not contribute in their children?s survival during their dorm-stay.
“I want to say that the school foundation would certainly face many challenges including the parents who taken their children to the dorm. Once they handed over their children, it means they let them to be managed by dorm manager,” he said.

The regent further said his era is different with their era. Although the children stayed at the dorm, but the parents still provided their daily needs, including stipend and foods.
“I must remind it once again to the school foundation for being strict to the parents whose children stay at the dorm,? he said. He admitted that currently the parents are highly depended to the government in sending their children to the school. If the government decided not to help them, the children would automatically drop out of school? Yes, it has already happened,” he said.

He expected the school foundation to be prepared in facing many possibilities in the future when children have came and stayed at the dorm because their foods must be obviously fulfilled.
“I am saying this does not mean the government give up its responsibility towards the children at YPPK Yos Sudarso dormitory. We?ll keep allocating the budget every year, but this dormitory need to be registered first in government administration,” he said.

Meanwhile, YPPK Yos Sudarso Chairman, Pastor Hendirkus Kariwop said the foundation will keep building communication with the government and will register the school dormitory to the government in the next two days. (Frans L Kobun/rom)


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