Languages of Northwestern Papua - SIL

Native Languages Need to be Taught in School

Languages of Northwestern Papua - SIL

Languages of Northwestern Papua – SIL

Jayapura, Jubi / Antara – Native Papuan languages need to be taught and incorporated into subjects in schools in the province of Papua.

This was conveyed when the Student Executive Board (BEM) University of Science and Technology Jayapura (USTJ) held a one-day seminar with the title ‘Is Papuan actually true Melanesian?’ in the hall of the campus located in Padang Bulan, Jayapura, on last Saturday (20/6/2015).

“In Jakarta, schools teach local content including Betawi language and Sundanese language in West Java. Perhaps in Papua it has not implemented yet or has been implemented but it is not optimal,” Oktovianus Pogau moderator in the seminar stated.

The statement connected to the questions of the participants to the presenters that the use of the Malay language should be removed and replaced with local languages ​​in Papua, as a form of protection of the cultural rights of Papuans.


” Language is a bridge that unifies the culture. There must be a language that can be learned together, taught and disseminated besides Malay language,” Yatipai, one of the seminar participants said.

Meanwhile, members of the Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) Mathea Mamayou which became one of the presenters admitted that language is important to culture, so he hoped that students will conduct research in order to provide comprehensive inputs to the DPRP for the survival of the Papuans as Melanesians.

“It is an important insight, but it should be encouraged by all parties. All of you should give us input, so that it can be addressed and discussed in a meeting, “he said.

In seminar it also addressed about Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), maternal and child health, and the role of DPRP in protecting Papuans’ rights.

The speakers invited in seminar were Marthen Manggaprauw representative of ULWMP, chairman of Commission I DPRP Ruben Magai and Secretary of Commission I of DPDP Mathea Mamayo and was attended by approximately 200 participants from various campuses in Jayapura city. (*/ Tina)

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