The sea shells nearly petrified - Jubi/Marten.

Naomi Korwa Produces 100 Sacks of Lime Monthly

The sea shells nearly petrified - Jubi/Marten.

The sea shells nearly petrified – Jubi/Marten.

Biak, Jubi – Naomi Korwa, a female resident of Kampung Sorido, Biak city district, Biak Numfor, said every month she was able to produce 100 bags of lime made of sea shells at her house.

“In order to produce lime (Kapur Pinang) in large quantities, I gather seashells for a week,” Naomi stated. After that she collects firewood in the second week and burn and process shells into lime by the third week.

“The Kapur Pinang then is sold to the betel nut sellers in Biak and Jayapura,” she explained when met Jubi on Tuesday afternoon (02/17/2015).

One sack of lime sells for Rp 200,000 to Rp 300,000, allowing Naomi to earn Rp 2 million a month.


She then spends her earnings to fulfil daily needs and pay school fees of her children that are now in high school and college levels.

“The rest I use as capital again as I have to pay the cost of unloading shells from a dig into the house, buy firewood, and fit it to the edge of the house,” she added.

Apparently, Naomi was not the only woman who could make lime in Biak. Ani Sroyer, a resident of Sorido, also could produce 21 sacks of lime per month.

“I can only make 21 sacks per month because I have a garden. Every day I have to go to garden and clean it,” she added. (Marten Boseren/Tina)

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