AIDS illustration - Jubi

Nabire Recorded Highest HIV/AIDS Cases

AIDS illustration - Jubi

AIDS illustration – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The Commission on HIV/AIDS (KPA) in Papua Province revealed that Nabire regency has the highest prevalence of infectious diseases in Papua.

Secretary KPA Papua Province Constant Karma, Jayapura, Monday (11/30/2015), said Nabire regency has the highest spread of HIV / AIDS cases, replacing Merauke and Timika.

“The number of cases of HIV / AIDS in Nabire reached 4,162 cases, comprising 2,042 HIV cases and 2,120 AIDS cases,” he said. At least 316 of them had died, he said.

New infections has declined considerably in Merauke, he said.


“The high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Nabire is because many cases of mines, the people there like in Topo, Degeuwo and in Baya Blue,” he said.

He said he hoped that the next few years, the circumcision program can reduce the rate of transmission to one percent.

“While, related to the prevalence of HIV / AIDS in Papua, in 2006 there was Integrated Studies of HIV and Behavior (IBBS) which were recorded around 2.4 percent,” he said.

He added of these figures means that the experts predicted in Papua there were 24,000 more people are infected with HIV / AIDS. (*/Tina)

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