Nabire Public Hospital -

Nabire Public Hospital Generates 32 Kg of Medical Waste Daily

Nabire Public Hospital -

Nabire Public Hospital –

Nabire, Jubi – Nabire Public Hospital (RSUD) produces approximately 32 kilograms of medical waste a day, its sanitary department chief, Pobi Budiman, said.

Pobi said the was was divided into three categories, namely wet, dry and sharps waste.
“Those three categories are already included in 32 kilograms of waste produced everyday,” Budiman told Jubi at the Nabire Hospital on last week.

According to him, the planned purchase of incinerators for Nabire Public Hospital, which is budgeted in the Special Allocation Budget Year 2015, will solve the problem.

He added if later they received the medical wastes from both community health centers and clinics, they could process it twice a day. “Actually the burning process could be done twice a day, but it needs a longer time to reduce the burning temperature from 1000 Celsius degree,” he said.


“Perhaps if we start the first burning process in the morning, we can do the second burning at 2 PM,” he said.

In the same place, the Second Assistant of Nabire Regional Government, Kadi said if later the incinerator has been purchased, he expected the hospital could utilize the equipment to optimize the medical waste management.
“In particular the technical staff must understand how to use the equipment appropriately. When it should be turn off, when it should turn on to optimize the electricity power during its operation. So it would be last longer,” he said. (Munir/rom)

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