Nabire Regency position on map in a whole Papua Land - IST

Nabire, one of the most potentially disastrous areas in Papua


Nabire Regency position on map in a whole Papua Land – IST

Nabire, Jubi – Nabire Regency Head of Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Blasius Nuhuyanan said as the potential area for natural disasters, Nabire needs serious approach on disaster management by multiparty stakeholders.

The need for early identification of potential natural disasters is discussed during a workshop on identification of regional disasters on Tuesday (October 10), in Nabire.

“It should be done as early as possible,” he said.

According to him, several types of natural disasters potential in Nabire include earthquakes, floods, and abrasion.


“Although only a small scale, if it happens regularly it creates problems,” he said while added that the potential disasters occur because of illegal logging in some areas has become uncontrollable.

“And no serious attention to rehabilitation,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Prevention and Preparedness of National Disaster Management Agency, Agung Prihartono, said there is a need to inventory human resources and strength in e

ach related institution, including its procedure.

“We explore the potential through pre-disaster technical agencies, disaster relief, an after disaster in disaster-prone Papua, one of them is in Nabire,” he said. (

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