MSG's foreign ministers deliver their reports (Jubi)


MSG's foreign ministers deliver their reports  (Jubi)

MSG’s foreign ministers deliver their reports (Jubi)

Jayapura, 30/6 (Jubi) – The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) has apparently rejected the application for membership by the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) filed a year ago in Noumea, New Caledonia.

In the last MSG Conference, WPNCL proposed the application with the support of more than 70 representative groups within Papua Indonesia. But some MSG leaders in the meeting held in Port Moresby on Thursday, 26 June indicated West Papua need to be inclusive and united before re-applying for the membership. The Prime Minister of PNG Peter O’Neill who represents the MSG leaders said West Papua also need to consult with Jakarta.
“We believe it should represent all Melanesians who live in Indonesia, and the application should be consulted first with the government of Indonesia as we have done with the membership of FLNKS,” said O’Neill after the meeting.

However, the limited forum of the MSG leaders in Port Moresby has appreciated West Papua as part of MSG.
“We welcome the interest and application of West Papua for becoming part of the MSG, but we encourage them to unite in preparing the application to MSG,” said O’Neill.

The MSG leaders also agree that the application should represent the Melanesians who live in Indonesia.


In the MSG Summit in Noumea last year, the Indonesian Delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wardhana said the Melanesians not only live in Papua, but also in Maluku and Nusa Tenggara.

WPNCL representative, Andy Ayamiseba criticized this decision. According to him the MSG leaders do not see the reality happened in Papua. The MSG visit to Indonesia in the early year has hijacked by Indonesia, so the MSG delegation could not meet the groups who support the WPNCL in proposing the application for MSG membership.
“The mission report of MSG Foreign Minister is totally misleading. How they could they make a conclusion that WPNCL was not represent the majority (Papuans) if they never met one of the civil representatives?” Ayamiseba said.

He also questioned the statement of MSG leaders asking West Papua to consult with the Government of Indonesia in proposing the application of MSG membership, which is also occurred to the Kanak Liberation Front (FLNKS). “FLNKS never consulted the application with the French Government to be the MSG member,” said Ayamiseba.

Further, the campaign group of West Papua liberation in PNG said the Government of Indonesia has intervened this decision.
“The policy of free trading between Indonesia and PNG, the establishment of the Police Academy in Fiji and the status as observer for Indonesia were clearly an attempt of Indonesia to influence the Melanesian region,” said Fred Mambrasar, the member of liberation campaign of West Papua in PNG.

The campaign group has asked the MSG to keep consistent with their decision in Noumea last year which recognize the right of self-determination of Papuans, acknowledge the human rights violations in Papua and support the WPNCL application.

The meeting of MSG leaders also decided to keep doing a dialog with Indonesia to gradually withdraw the military forces from Papua.
“We want to cooperate with Indonesia to achieve it (military withdraw from Papua) because we believe the human right issues could be handled over the dialogue instead of the confrontation,” said O’Neill.

The meeting of MSG leaders was attended by the MSG Chairman Victor Tutugoro, the Prime Minister of PNG Peter O’Neill, the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Gordon Darcy Lilo, and the Prime Miniser of Vanuatu Joe Natuman, while the Prime Minister of Fiji Veroque Bainimarama not participated in the meeting. (Jubi/Victor Mambor/rom)

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