MRP and religious leaders in a discussion rejecting radicalism in Papua held in KSK Church Hall, Nabire. – Jubi/Titus Ruban

MRP: Violence in Papua must be eliminated


MRP and religious leaders in a discussion rejecting radicalism in Papua held in KSK Church Hall, Nabire. – Jubi/Titus Ruban

Nabire, Jubi – Fransiskus Tekege, the Chairman of the Religious Affairs Working Group of the Papua’s People Assembly (MRP), said that violence in Papua must be eliminated. If not, innocent people will bear its consequences.

“This is closely engaged with MRP’s vision and mission to protect both indigenous people and the land of Papua. It is a mandate from the state, not a manufactured story,” Tekege declared in a coordination meeting in Nabire to address the issues of radicalism and racism in Papua. The meeting held on Friday (20/09/2019) in KSK Church Hall and attended by the assembly members and religious leaders.

Furthermore, he said the MRP’s Religious Affairs Working Group is responsible for eliminating any forms of discrimination, racism, radicalism and violence. “Religious leaders can pass pacifism messages through sermons and prayers in places of worship. Therefore, it can reduce violence, racism and anything related. So, people will live in harmony and peace,” he said.

For this reason, he said that suggestions and inputs from religious leaders are urgently needed. MRP then will discuss it in a plenary session before providing recommendations to the governor and provincial parliament.


“We will further discuss the result of this meeting before recommending it to the Provincial Papua Government and Papuan House of Representative,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Rev. Mordekai Oilla from Kingmi Church suggested to all relevant stakeholders for not declaring any statements that can provoke and deteriorate the current situation. Further, he said that there is no need to blame each other because everyone is a victim.

He also asked the security forces to hold back and not overreacts over the student post in Nabire. Let it be for accommodating students as long as it does not disturbing.

“The police should restrain unless they (the students) make trouble because they are the victims. We are currently confused because they still do not accept people from outside. So, let us think clearly to address this issue. Instead of deteriorating the situation, we must try to find a solution,” he said.

However, until this news is published, Jubi has not been able yet to meet the students who return to Nabire after the racism against Papuans recently occurred. They are still traumatized and do not want to see any guests except families. They also refuse to meet the regional government and parliament as well as religious leaders at the moment. (*)

Reporter: Titus Ruban
Editor: Pipit Maizier

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