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Papuan People Council (MRP) speaker Timotius Murib (right) shakes Papua Governor Lukas Enembe's hand when Murib gives Enembe a book on a review of special autonomy status. Jubi/Alex Loen

Papuan People Council submits reports from hearings on special autonomy


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Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan People Council (MRP) released a book containing reviews of problems and achievements in the past 20 years of the special autonomy (otsus) implementation in Papua province, gathered from hearings with the native Papuans.


MRP speaker, Timotius Murid, gave the blue book, titled “Papua Special Autonomy Implementation Effectivity”, to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe in Jayapura on March 10, 2021.



“The book consists of three parts. It contains a holistic view of all the problems in Papua Land during special autonomy implementation.


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First part of the book was the summary of what participants had to say on otsus during the hearings held by MRP in almost all customary territories in Papua Land. The second was a compilation of reviews of otsus from scholars and the third part is otsus achievement for the past 20 years.


With this book, Murib said, the MRP expected to contribute new insight to the discussion on otsus and development in Papua Land so the people would have a better future.


“I hope after the book is spread among the people, they can read and know how the otsus implementation works. I hope this would become recommendations to the central government, especially because Indonesia is deliberating the revisions to the Special Autonomy Law,” he said.


Governor Enembe said he appreciated MRP’s efforts in making the book, because the book could be an important reference for the people.


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“The book contains the journey of otsus. What the people want concerning otsus is also here. I hope the book will be read by the public,” Enembe said.


In October last year, MRP and West Papua People Council (MRPB) agreed to hold hearings on otsus implementation in seven customary territories on Papua Land.


In November, the hearing in Merauke, or in Anim Ha, was dispersed by Merauke Police, which arrested dozens of the participants. The police argued they had suspected a yellow book circulating among the participants that contained a treason plan.


The Special Autonomy status reached the 20th year this year, begun when the Special Autonomy Law was passed in November 2021.


MRP’s Women Empowerment Working Group held a meeting on March 7, 2021, in Jayapura to discuss special autonomy with women perspective. MRP’s deputy speaker Debora Mote said the coordination meeting invited provincial agencies as well as 77 women groups in the province.

Reporter: Alexander Loen

Editor: Dewi Wulandari, Evi Mariani



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