Peace rally declining Special Autonomy (Otsus) Phase II held in front of Ramayana Mall, Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani, Sorong City, Papua Barat, on Thursday (10/9/2020). – Jubi/courtesy LBH Kaki Abu .

Papuan People’s Assembly rejects Jakarta’s move to revise ‘otsus’ law


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Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) announced they rejected the central government and the House of Representatives plan to revise special autonomy (otsus) law without consulting MRP. The decision was made after MRP held a plenary meeting on Feb. 9 in Jayapura.


“On behalf of Papuan people, MRP rejected the draft revisions done by Jakarta. MRP requested that the revisions should follow the existing legal mechanism,” said the speaker of MRP, Timotius Murib on Feb. 9 to Jubi.


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Murib referred to article 77 in the Law No. 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua or otsus law that said any revisions to the law should be initiated by Papuan people, consulted through MRP and Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) and then later to the central government.


The planned revisions were not based on Papuan people’s aspirations, meanwhile, MRP’s attempts to evaluate otsus law through several meetings with the people were hampered “some people with vested interests”.


Murib said Jakarta wanted to revise article 76 on splitting Papua province itu several provinces without the due legal process. The central government wanted to remove MRP’s and governor’s approval in the establishment of new provinces.


“People in kampung say, it’s like Papua eats the food, but Jakarta enjoys the good taste,” he said.


Reporter: Benny Mawel

Editor: Dewi Wulandari, Evi Mariani

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