The office of MRP - Jubi

MRP Contract Extension To Support 14 Chairs Recruitment

The office of MRP - Jubi

The office of MRP – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The central government has issued a decree extending for three months the term of the Papuan People’s Assembly until July, as part of attempts to enforce discipline in terms of authority, substance, procedure and implementation.

Director General of Regional Autonomy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dr. Rozi Benny, said extending the working period should based on proper argument and urgency, such as the task of Papua People’s Assembly to provide consideration on 14 chairs for Papua Legislative Council, and to support the election of the assembly member for next period.

“The most urgent in this extension is to provide consideration to the candidate of 14 chairs of legislators under the Special Autonomy,” said Dr. Rozy Benny to Jubi after hand over the decree to the Assembly Chairman Matius Murip at Assembly Hall in Kotaraja, Jayapura City on Tuesday (24/5/2016).

According to Rozi, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has estimated the schedule in line to the context of 14 chairs.


“So it was referred to the schedule we have received from the Papua Governor though Papua Kesbangpol Office, it would give consideration over the candidates of 14 chairs that would be selected in June 2016,” he said.

Meanwhile Papua People’s Assembly Chairman Timotius Murib gave highly appreciation to Director General of Regional Autonomy for coming to the assembly office to explain the reason behind the three months contract extension.

“Off course, we are in Papua People’s Assembly would conduct all delayed activities to answer the people’s aspiration. Therefore, we thought it is important for the assembly to give more attention to the basic rights of indigenous Papuans,” said Murib.

‘So this extension is normal, because there are some activities need to be completed, further the regulation on recruitment of new assembly member is not yet completed, so off course it need to be extended automatically. However, we don’t want to stay any longer in this institution. Because all indigenous Papuans in the land of Papua have rights to sit in this cultural institution to voice the people’s aspiration and lead this institution,” said Murib.

Further he said do not let any thoughts accusing the assembly members asked for their extension in purpose. “We really support the process conducted by the Papua Governor and Papua Legislative Council.  Off course, the Papua People’s Assembly support the recruitment of 14 chairs and the recruitment of new members of Papua People’s Assembly for next period,” he said. (*/rom)

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