Opening ceremony of MPL's meeting (Jubi)


Opening ceremony of MPL's meeting (Jubi)

Opening ceremony of MPL’s meeting (Jubi)

Merauke , Jubi ( 20/1 ) – One of the agenda Workers Assembly Complete ( MPL ) held on 16-20 January 2014 in Merauke at Petra Church attended by synods representatives all over in Indonesia is to urge central government to end the project Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate ( MIFEE ) which is being run in Merauke

This case is also mentioned by the Secretary- General Communion of Churches in Indonesia ( PGI ) , Gomar Gultom to a number of electronic media journalists at the Secretariat Petra Church on Monday ( 20/1 ) . ” At the urging of the GKI and GPI in Papua, we request that MIFE project in the East region of the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) must be stopped .” he said .
Further, he admitted that in the meeting there is an input that should be revisited by central government .Although this project is still forced to run and or implemented, it must be based on the local community by promoting the rights of people as well as the balance Marind.
On the occasion it was also discussed the development of indigenous Papuans who allegedly highly disproportionate when compared to the State of PNG . ” We are very concerned with the development of the number of indigenous people was disproportionate. It is not known what causes and is being explored and studied again. ” he said .
Another problem revealed in the meeting, according to Gultom , is poverty stricken indigenous Papuan people’s lives . In fact , they have a very rich natural and  should have been more advanced  compared to other places. We agreed to request to all churches in Indonesia that together with the church in the advancement of the indigenous people of Papua .
” Actually, not all of the issues in the meeting are scheduled, just a few agenda discussed . The rest will be delivered after the meeting tonight.” he said .
He stated, there are a number of issues that have been concluded, the committee ‘s readiness for the great council which will take place in Nias on 10 to 18 November 2014. In addition , he said , profuse thanks from the participants to MPL committee since the start of the pick- up to the opening session a few days ago and the end of this planary meeting.
Merauke Regent,Drs . Romanus Mbaraka , MT in a speech said Salah Saru region is one of the safest areas and has a very high tolerance among religions in Merauke. Many of the activities undertaken and or implemented ,running safely and smoothly . There is no disturbance. ( Jubi / Ans/Tina )

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