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Sunday, 8 March 2015 - 18:12 WIB

Mount Nemangkawi is For The World, Hans Magal Says

Jayapura, Jubi- Indigenous land owners of Nemangkawi and former general secretary of AMPTI Hans Magal said Nemangkawi (Carntensz) is a paradise that has contributed to all countries in the world.

“Related to this reality, Amungme has given huge contributions to the majority through the presence of the giant company PT. Freeport Tembagapura Indonesia (PT.FTI),”Magal said in the hall of STT GKI Abepura on Saturday (7/03/2015) when launching a book titled “Menggugat Freeport, Suatu Jalan Penyelesaian.

He further stated Amugme tribe is the traditional owner of Nemangkawi mount and its ownership based on descent and not the collective ownership.
“But it becomes a curse for the local people when the European like Jan Carstensz sailing along the southeast coast of the island of Papua since 1623,” Magal said.

According to him, its book is a small window that stimulate everyone to see and ponder comprehensively on all reality behind the presence of PT Freeport.
“We Indigenous owners just enjoy canned corned beef and rice. We are powerless and helpless in our land, even we are considered as hunted animals,”he said.

Continued, at the opening of the airfield, the people who came down from the mountain got paid with canned corned beef. He himself then regretted why airfield was named Mozes Kilangin Airport.


Meanwhile, Markus Haluk said, this book is written on the basis of concern, sensitivity and solidarity to the reality of the problem of PT Freeport especially of concern, against injustice, oppression and murder committed by the giant company. PT.Freeport must be resolved through negotiations and lawsuits International abroad. “This is our commitment to raise the dignity of Papua,” he said.

Mama Yosepha Alomang, Amungme women leaders urged all Papuans to unite in order to face the future of Papua. “Let’s unite to resolve the Papua issue,” she said in opening remarks. (Ernest/Dominggus Mampioper/Tina)

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