More than 1,300 Teachers to Receive Rp 59 Billion in Certification Funds


Jayapura, Jubi – The head of the education department of Jayapura, I Wayan Mudiyasa, said that until the end of 2015, it has disbursed 59 billion Teacher Certification funds for Jayapura city.

“A total of 1,336 teachers who received the funds are already certified. The second term fund was paid Rp 36,244 billion and the 1st half of Rp 21.518 billion, ” he said by telephone cellular on Sunday (3/1/2016).

He explained there is no problem for the certification of funds for primary education ie SD, Junior and Kindergarten, while for senior high school there are about 65 or 55 teachers left . “Hopefully in the near future, can be paid, “he added.

He further explained the problem the certification fund can not be paid due to Asked why there are still problems related to certification, Wayan suggests the problem is dilinieritas or not linear means certification upon submission of professionalism or part profession is not in accordance with the linear no problem so can not be paid.

“The government has taken appropriate steps for teachers teachers who are not linear or do not meet 24 hours. We have made a letter to the ministry of education, yet it has not been responded yet, “he continued.


Nurhadi, head of Senior High school division of education department said all teachers must be certified in 2016. He will continue to encourage the implementation of teacher competence

or a certified teacher.”Inevitably the year of 2018 all teachers must be certified, “he said. (Sindung Sukoco)

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