Mopah Airport - Suplied

Mopah Airport Director Mum on Airport Security

Mopah Airport - Suplied

Mopah Airport – Suplied

Merauke, Jubi – Mopah Airport Director Rajoki Aritonang who was usually accessible has remained silent when questioned about the deployment of marine officers to secure at the airport and its surrounding area.

After the meeting between the Airport Authority Head and Merauke Transportation Office Head Jakobus Duwiri, XI Marine Operation Assistant Colonel Marine Bayu Trikuncoro and other related stakeholders on Monday (2/3/2015), he declined to address reporters’ questions..

When asked about the result of the meeting, he only said it was about technical issues, without further explanation.
“No comment,” he briefly said as he walked towards his office. He also said nothing when asked about the Merauke Regional Military Commander’s statement asking the airport management to review the presence of marine officers at the Mopah Airport.

Meanwhile the Merauke Marine Operation Assistant, Colonel Marine Bayu Trikuncoro said the assignment of Marine officers at the airport is to guard the security in the airport surrounding area. “I only want to say that the airport must be safe and sound,” he said.


Earlier, Deputy Chairman of Merauke Legilative Council, Benny Latumahina actually questioned whether the Mopah airport is the public airport or military airport? “The atmosphere at the airport was totally different when it’s guarded by the Marine,” he said. He further promised to make further coordination asking the Mopah Airport Director to provide explanation to the parliament related to the public complaints on the presence of marine officers at the Mopah Airport. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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