Mopah Airport - Suplied

Mopah Airport Director and Merauke Airport Authority Chief Are Removed

Mopah Airport - Suplied

Mopah Airport – Suplied

Merauke, Jubi – Indonesian Transportation Minister Ignatius Jonan removed the Mopah Airport Director Rajoki Aritonang and Merauke Airport Authority Chief Khairul Batubara from their position. However, the reason behind their removal is still unknown.

When asked about this issue, the Merauke Regent Romanus Mbaraka confirmed it to reporters last week. “You all knew about the minister’s visit to Merauke few days ago. He might have certain evaluation,” he said. But he further said he thought the removal of two airport officials was related to the shooting incident, which killed Novan (6 years old) and injured his father Sugiono. Because it was an accident, moreover the Minister Jonan has returned to Jakarta for several days when the incident was occurred.

Further, when asked about a connection between the officials’ removal and airport authority’s policy hiring Marine officers to guard the airport area, he only said if everyone wanted to put the airport safety and security in order, they must discuss it first. According to him, each institution has the authority based on the existing rule and regulation. “Yes, if what they’ve done out of regulation context, they must discuss it first. They were not allowed to take their own policy,” he firmly said.

Related to this case, discussion was very important to avoid the dispute. He also revealed to remove an official from the current position; it should be done through considerations. It couldn’t be slightly done. Or their removal could mean a promotion to higher position.


Meanwhile both airport officials Rajoki Aritonang and Chairul Batubara were not at their office for confirmation. According to their staffs, they are now in Jakarta.

Earlier, the Merauke Military Commander Brigadier General Supartodi asked the Mopah Airport Director to review his policy on the placement of Marine officers to guard in the airport area. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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