Moni Tribal Chief Agustinus Somau - Jubi

Moni Tribal Chief Rejects Private Companies in His Area

Moni Tribal Chief Agustinus Somau - Jubi

Moni Tribal Chief Agustinus Somau – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Intan Jaya Moni Tribal Chief Agustinus Somau said he was will not allow any private company to operate in his customary area if there is no agreement with the community.

He said he had received information that a company is planning to operate Intan Jaya to manage the Cartenz tourism.
“Freeport’s underground mining has crossed the Intan Jaya’s territorial. People refused to accept this because there is no agreement between us until now,” Agustinus Somau said in Jayapura on Monday (16/2/2015).

He further said any private companies should talk and make agreement with the local community before starting their operations within his customary area.
“Moni tribe has never conducted the customary conference. The governor, minister, regent and parliament shouldn’t take their own policy. The customary community has their own organization. Until now the Moni tribe has not received any compensation from Freeport. So, please don’t bring a new company to our customary land,” he said.

He also said the customary community has been fooled all the time. Until now the indigenous people are still living in poverty and marginalized although the allocation of natural resources sharing is set by Law.
“Please solve the tenure right problem with the customary community at first. Even the Local Government of Intan Jaya has never sit together with the customary community,” he said.


Meanwhile, Intan Jaya native Yafet M similarly said do not provoke people with things that possibly disturbed the tranquility of Intan Jaya residents. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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