Mobile Brigade - Jubi

Mobile Brigade Personnel Allegedly Involved in Illegal Car Sale Syndicate

Mobile Brigade - Jubi

Mobile Brigade – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A Mobile Brigade police personnel in Papua was allegedly involved in a group stealing rented cars.

A rent car owner, Maria Duwitau, said she becomes a victim of this alleged syndicate. It started when a businessman agreed to rent her car for ten days, but until the specified time he didn’t return it. So, she reported this case to the police.
“Despite to report this case to the police, I also try to find out my car. After some times, I got information that WK was arrested in Abepura Police Station. So I came to meet and ask him about my car. He said he gave it to a Mobile Brigade personnel identified as EF who sold my car to I, a police officer in Keerom for 50 million rupiahs,” Maria Duwitau said on Monday (29/9/2015).

According to Duwitau who’s a member of Papua Legislative Council, after getting information from WK, she did a searching and found her car at I’s house in poor condition that its front bumper is damaged as if it got a crash.
“The point is they took my car for 29 days and sold to a police officer. Now WK has been detained by the police and I was confirmed that he is now in Papua Police’s detention. However, both police officers who sold and bought my car have not yet arrested. But I have not reported it to the Papua Police because I could not meet with the Papua Police Chief until now. I don’t want making a report to police’s provost because I don’t believe it. I want to report it directly to the Papua Police Chief,” she said.

She further said it’s not just her becoming the victim. There are 30 rent cars reportedly sold by the officer. She also thought the officer who bought her car should also be questioned. “The culprit sells the cars among security force members. If the officer I was found not guilty, so it should be questioned. Whatever is the reason, he is the police officer, he should know that the car has no complete documents. Why did he buy it? This syndicate must be uncovered,” she said.


She further said both Papua Police Chief and Regional Military Commander must take action on their naughty members. She said if they want running a business, they should resign as police or military personnel.

Another member of Papua Legislative Council, Thomas Sondegau, similarly said this syndicate should be dismantled for not disturbing people. Police and Military leaders in Papua have to crack down their personnel who act against the rules and disgrace the institution’s name. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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