Misgovernance could be a factor of the Special Autonomy inefficiency


Makassar, Jubi – Regional Secretary of Jayapura Municipal Government Frans Pekey said misgovernance could be a factor to cause the inadequate implementation of the Special Autonomy policy in Papua.

According to him, the government must apply good governance in bureaucracy to manage the Special Autonomy Fund that includes the policy by regional heads in appointing officials in the structure of government.

Unfortunately, it does not apply in Papua. Many officials hold the position that does not match with their competency and educational background, Frans Pekey said in an online forum to discuss the Special Autonomy and the Future of Peace Building in Papua Land”. The discussion was organised by the Papua Peace Network on Monday (3/8/2020) with Victor Mambor as moderator.

“The assignment of officials was often based on political factors instead of their competence. This affects their performance,” said Pekey.

Furthermore, human resources have not well distributed in Papua. Also, some government officials are rarely in their post that in turns affecting the public services.


“The current problems are the competence of the bureaucrats and how they manage the governance,” he said.

He also admitted that in terms of amount, the Special Autonomy Fund in Papua is quite big every year while the cost disparities and geographical condition should consider causing high cost in Papua.

“But in terms of financial management, it has not been optimum. Therefore, it is time for everyone to look forward to a prosperous and peaceful future for Papua,” he said.

During the discussion, the Coordinator of Papua Peace Network Adriana Elizabeth said some parties thought that the Special Autonomy policy should bring justice and solve any problems in Papua.

They offered a sectoral dialogue which is an approach that needs support from any policies or programs, including the evaluation on the Special Autonomy policy.

“When the option for revision emerged, it should extend to a thorough evaluation, including how to stop violence to occur in Papua. These voices are often silenced. Besides, there should be a program of trauma recovery in Papua. This trauma can present fear, trigger militancy of resistance,” said Adriana Elizabeth. (*)


Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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