The temporary market for Papuan Women in Jayapura - Jubi

Ministry of State Enterprise Cause Neglecting of Permanent Market for Papua Women Traders

The temporary market for Papuan Women in Jayapura - Jubi

The temporary market for Papuan Women in Jayapura – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Traders Solidarity (Solpap) plans to meet the Indonesian President Joko Widodo concerning to permanent market development plan for Papuan women traders that has not materialized up to now.

Solpap Secretary Robert Jitmau said the meeting between Solpap and the Commission VI of the Indonesian House of Representative and the representative of the Ministry of State Enterprise to discuss about the plan of land transfer between Perum Damri (Bus State Enterprise) and Papua Provincial Government as location of permanent market for indigenous Papuan traders has not resulted any decisions.

“Commission VI said it must be seriously discussed with related stakeholders. Don’t make it just like a Pelindo case. If there is no certainty, we will attempt to meet the president. I have sent a short message to some presidential staffs asking them to facilitate the meeting with the president in order to discuss this matter. If not we will send a legal notice to sue him,” Robert Jitmau told Jubi by phone on Saturday (12/3/2016).

He conveyed the Ministry of State Enterprise’s representative said in the meeting that the president was actually not informed yet about the plan of land transfer. “The ministry representative admitted the president has not yet acknowledged about the land transfer, so I assume there are those who want to take benefit in making the development of Papua traders market as a project,” he said.


Papua councilor Natan Pahabol who attended the meeting similarly said he couldn’t meet the Minister of State Enterprise due to her mission out of town. “I departed to Jakarta with the representatives of Papua Provincial Government and Solpap. But during the time, the Commission VI said they have not yet informed about this issue. They said to hear about the plan of Papua traders market development for the first time was just right now at the meeting,” said Pahabol.

Further he said the Commission VI promised to invite the executive director and the board of directors of Central Damri to check the preparation of land transfers process in Jayapura. About the government’s asset, he continued, the commission said it was regulated by regulation; therefore there is no reason for the ministry to hold the permit of land transfer, except it was prohibited by law.

“The Commission VI of the Indonesian House of Representatives said everything could be done if it has already met the criteria,” he said.

Concerning to the meeting result, he also questioned some letters submitted by Papua Provincial Government that have not responded by the Ministry of State Enterprise. He thought it’s the ministry’s fault to not convey it to the president.

He was also assuming the Ministry of State Enterprise does not know about this problem as well. This issue was restricted for the ministry staffs only. “Now all the process needs the serious concern of the president to take a decision. He must not give the promises only. If the president has not taken any decision by delegating the Ministry of State Enterprise to arrange the transfer of Damri office, the Central Government might be not longer to build Papua,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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