Papua Government office (IST)


Papua Government office (IST)

Papua Government office (IST)

Jayapura, 29/6 (Jubi) – Minister of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform ( MenPan-RB) Azwar Abubakar  delivered the results of Civil Servant candidates (CPNS) tests  for Papua province to Governor Lukas Enembe  on Thursday (26/6).

“I submitted the result to the governor. We also discussed the next formation. Let each regional head administer it, ” Abubakar told reporters after a closed-door meeting with the governor and regents.

He said that the test results have been validated.
“The result is official,” he said.

When asked why the test result took a long time to process, he said the government had to follow the proper procedure.


He then added that in the future, the ministry will prepare applicants to take computer tests and undergo training.
“All will be calculated, because the regent / mayor filed the required formation and job analysis. Later, at the end of July the candidates will be ready to take online tests,” he said.

The results will be announced simultaneously throughout the province of Papua.

Puncak Jaya regency secretary Yuni Wonda said,the results of the general  and K2 formations have been received.
“The announcement date will be made simultaneously in all regencies. Therefore, we need to coordinate with relevant agencies and also the security forces,” she said.

In a meeting, there is an agreement to do simultaneous announcement.
“It is clear that the result do not accommodate all of our proposals yet this is a decision and we have to accept, “she added.

“Particularly in Puncak Jaya regency, we do not know yet whether our proposals are accommodated or not, because all the results are still in the envelope. However, in Puncak Jaya regency, there are approximately 600 people registered for K2 formation and only 30 percent accepted which are about 171 people,” she said.

“There are 1,900 people who took the test in Puncak Jaya and only 226 elected for General and K2 formations,” said Yuni. (Jubi / Alex/Tina)

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