Minister of Youth and Sport Should Be Responsible for Persipura Fiasco


Jayapura, Jubi – Persipura fans said the Minister of Youth and Sports, Professional Sports Agency Indonesia (BOPI) and the Directorate General of Immigration should be held responsible for the visa fiasco that prevented Persipura from playing Pahang FA in the last 16 of the the AFC Cup in Jayapura.

“We ask the Minister of Youth, BOPI, and Directorate General of Immigration to be responsible about the visas that were not issued and resulted in the cancellation of the AFC game,” said Wilson, who led a protest in front of Papua parliament office in Jayapura this week.

Three foreign players of Pahang FA of Malaysia were refused entry to play for a scheduled game against Persipura.

Wilson said the cancellation of the match was because of a lack coordination between the three institutions. Strangely, in the preliminary round, there was no visa problem when opposing teams like Maziya and Warrios FC to enter Indonesia.
“When PSSI was frozen,visa for foreign players were not problematic. However, surprisingly, when Persipura in the round of 16, Persipura failed to host. It was deliberately created , “he said.

Based on observation in the field, there were thousands of Persipura’s supporters in front of Papua Legislative Council office, with unfurled banners and pamphlets. Most of them wore black and red shirts, or Persipura shirts.


Meanwhile, Elvis Tabuni, members of the Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP) and several other members received all these aspirations.
“We will accommodate and accept the aspirations. Persipura team is our pride, “he said. (*/Tina)

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