Mimika Regency to Deliver Food Aid to Tsinga Village


Timika, Jubi/Antara – The Mimika regency government is sending food aid to help victims of landslides in six villages around Tsinga, Tembagapura district.

Head of Tembagapura district Slamet Sutedjo said food aid will be delivered to Tsinga by helicopter from Kilangin Moses airport on Tuesday morning (24/2).
“The distribution of food has been delayed three times, because of bad weather. All food aid is now in Timika airport,” he said in Timika on Monday (02/23/2015),

He said the Social Service Agency of Mimika provided five cartons of basic foodstuffs, 30 sacks of rice, instant noodles and milk. In addition, 100 uniforms of elementary students, pajamas for housewives, plastic tents and mats.

Mimika regent Eltinus Omaleng is also sending 100 sacks of rice, instant noodles, cooking oil, sugar, and coffee.

Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency in Mimika Yulianus Sasarari said Tsinga aid distribution is coordinated by Social Service Agency.
“We will also send staff to Tsinga to see the condition closer. We hope that PT Freeport will facilitate helicopter to distribute this aid, “he said.


Landslides in Tsinga village occurred on Saturday (14/2) at around 14:30 p.m due to heavy rainfall in the region. Although there were no fatalities, it resulted material losses in six villages in the area of Tsinga.

Based on report from district head Slamet Sutedjo, landslides resulted two elementary teachers’ houses of SDN Tsinga in Beanegogom was almost collapsed. While the teacher’s kitchen was swept away.

The other damage, two hanging bridges in Kampung Nosolandop and Doliningokgin were buried with landslide material and could not be used.

The disaster also resulted the main roads between Beanegogom to Doliningokgin and Tsinga to Hoeya are disconnected and agricultural land belong to 64 families in Tsinga were also swept away. (*)

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