Nius Wenda (Jubi)


Nius Wenda (Jubi)

Nius Wenda (Jubi)

Timika, 16/1 (Jubi) – Mimika regency government actively continues to increase the development of human resources by sending 30-40 vocational students to Bogor Agriculture Institute ( IPB ) to learning how to care for and manage the traditional foods of Papua, so in the future these will be protected and sustainably developed.

Acting of Mimika Regent, Ausilius You, S.Pd, MM said that to maintain cultural values and local wisdom of Papua particularly Mimika, the Government will make an effort to preserve the culture, especially traditional food such as sago and tubers by sending about 30-40 vocational school students to Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB).
“The delivery of vocational school students will be begun in the academic year 2014. The Government selects 30-40 vocational school students to study about sago and tubers on how to sustainably mantain and develop Papua traditional food especially traditional food in Mimika, so it will not be in extinction and also Mimika people will not always depend on rice.” said Acting of Mimika Regent, Ausilius You in Timika, Thirsday( 16/1).

He explained, besides the students are taught about how to take care of sago and tubers, also will learn on how to prepare and make them to be main meals. Through this program, we hope that the students will be going back to Mimika to deal with sago and tubers, even share the knowledge they get to the community so that our community will utilize both sago and tubers as their main meals.

Meanwhile , Secretary of the Team Tuition Student Scholarship in Mimika, Nius Wenda, M.Si said , related to all tuition scholarship payments and the final study to the students Timika in 2013 have realized 95 percent.
“We ‘ve realized all indebtedness to the students , both the first and second stages . We directly transfer this funding to students through individual accounts. In accordance with the data and accounts collected in the office .” said Secretary Team Tuition Student scholarships , Nius Wenda .


It is said , after completing the students who are already enrolled in the year 2013, we as an institution will then start again to gather data for tuition scholarship and last semester of their study in the year 2014.
“The collection of data for 2014 has begun since at the beginning of January 2014, so it is mostly registered while some of them has not input their data.” said Nius .

Nius described , these funds will be prioritized to the children and students from Amungme Kamoro tribes. Later on, the scholarship division will be given based on category such as semester three to eight .
“Whereas , if the incoming freshmen starts, we will consider how far their readiness to study because there are many students who step back and do not want to continue.” he said. (Jubi/Eveerth/Tina)

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