Mimika Government Urged to Resolve Land Issues


Timika, Jubi – Dozens of owners of customary land rights rallied to demand payment  for the use of land by Mimika regency.

Chief of Wania and Kaugapu, James Yawa said 17 customary rights onwers complained about part of land used by the government, compensation of which has not been resolved.

“I demand the government pay for the land used for the construction of government assets because until now some of indigenous peoples’ territories until have not been paid at all, “he said in Timika on Monday (14/12/2015).

Some of the land that has not been resolved are the General Cemetery (TPU) in Kamoro Jaya (SP 1), land development office of Regent at Poros Asri Jalan Limau (SP 5), and 17 places used as the construction of government buildings and offices.

“Basically, we support the development but the government must resolve the land issue first, “said Yakobus.


Other customary owner, Urbanus Yafom said since 2013 it has addressed this case but it was ignored.

Indigenous legal counsel office, Elesius Awiyut told reporters that the incumbent office area has been measured covering 106 hectares. The Government has issued a certificate, but the release of land has not been done.

“The problem of this land has been reported to the Interior Minister and the Governor of the Province. In 2013 the governor ordered the Mimika government to make payments, only until now has not been done, “said Elesius.

“We are here because the government does not recognize the court’s decision so that we are demanding,” he continued.

Assistant III for Administration, Yohanis Kasamol hoped the owners of customary rights to not ask for payment in this month. Surely, the government will complete the payment but not this month because it is about to close the book in 2015. (Eveerth)

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