Dominggus Kapiyau, one of the survivors (Jubi)


Dominggus Kapiyau, one of the survivors (Jubi)

Dominggus Kapiyau, one of the survivors (Jubi)

Timika, 21/5 (Jubi) – A boat carrying Mimika education officials and members of a community development organization capsized in the Aindua Estuary but there were no casualties, an official and police said.

The team from the Mimika Education Department and  members of the Amungme-Kamoro Community Development Organization (LPMAK) were on their way to monitor the National Exam in Elementary School (SD) Kipia when the boat was hit by waves at around 5:00 am.

Yonas Lewerisa, the Secretary of the Elementary Education Department  said those on the boat included the head of the Elementary Education and Cultural Department and her assistant, the head division of Pre-school and Elementary Education, the chairman of YPPK Tilemans Foundation, two staffers from the LPMAK Education Bureau and a Timex reporter.

He said the team departed from the Poumako Port on Sunday (18/5) to Aindua Village to officially open the National Exam for the Elementary School in the SD YPPK Aindua on Monday, then planning to visit the SD Kipia to monitor the implementation of the exam on the next day.


Meanwhile Potowaiburu police chief Second Inspector Barnabas said the passengers were rescued by local people.
“It needs only 3 minutes to evacuate all victims  to be taken to the Timika Airport. The process of evacuation was running smoothly due to the assistance of the local people, “said the Chief.

He added boat accidents in the Aindua Estuary were frequent because the area is too shallow.

Meanwhile, at the Moses Kilangin Airport, the families have waited since the morning. Arriving at the airport, the victims were soon evacuated to the Hospital Mitra Masyarakat for medical treatment.

Dominggus Kapiyau, one of the survivors told said the accident happened so fast. They were panic and limp but still tried to help each other. We keep tried to be survived until the local people helped us. Another survivor, Paul Weti said the similar thing. “When the boat was capsized, I only hanged on the boat remembering what have been said by the old. When hanging on the boat, he could grasp the reporter’s feet and took her out of the boat.
“Her condition was frightening and so limp because swallowing to much water. But thank God we are all safe and could meet again with our family,” he said. (Jubi/Eveerth/rom)

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