Sugiono's son body while take from Merauke Hospital - Jubi

Military’s Shooting Victim Transported to Cikini Hospital

Sugiono's son body while take from Merauke Hospital - Jubi

Sugiono’s son body while take from Merauke Hospital – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – Merauke resident Sugiono, 32, was in critical condition after being shot accidentally by a soldier at Mopah Airport on Monday morning (10/3/2015) was transferred to Cikini Hospital for further treatment.

His relatives and wife accompanied him flying to Jakarta on last Tuesday while his son Novan who was killed in the incident was already buried.

The Merauke Public Hospital Person-in-Charge dr. Petrus Paulus Tiniyab said at his office on Tuesday (10/3/2015) that Sugiono was immediately treated after he arrived at the hospital yesterday and had surgery to remove blood clots in his lungs. The surgery was successful.

He had an x-ray and his condition was improving. Even he was able to communicate. Then the doctor wrote the recommendation letter to refer his treatment to Cikini Hospital for further treatment.
“I don’t know how many people will accompany him to the hospital in Jakarta. But of course there will be a medical staff. His condition was much better now and he could take airplane,” he said.


Related to the autopsy result on Novan’s body, Tiniyab admitted he didn’t know in detail because he was already buried after being taken to hospital but they couldn’t rescue him.
“The medical staffs indeed have made their efforts to help that kid but he might be dead on the scene or on the way,” he said.

Meanwhile the Merauke Regional Military Commander Brigadier General Supartodi confirmed Sugiono was evacuated to Cikini Hospital. The Indonesian Military will cover all travel expenses and his recovery cost at hospital. “We are fully responsible to the Novan’s dead and his father. Now, his father is gradually recovered to be transferred to Cikini Hospital for further treatment,” he said.

Earlier as released by media, both father and son were shot when Military Officer Eko Dedi Purwanto pull the trigger of gun belong to Lieutenant Colonel Joko Pitoyo who will board to the airplane. Unfortunately it still had the bullet left. It barked and hit both father and son who were been at the airport waiting room to depart to Yogyakarta. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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