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Military suspected to shot dead a priest at Intan Jaya


Jayapura, Jubi – Violence against civilians continues to occur in Papua. A priest Yeremias Zanambani was reportedly shot dead by TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces) at Hitadipa, Intan Jaya Regency.


Agustinus Ugipa, a student from Intan Jaya, confirmed Jubi about the shooting incident. He told Jubi on Sunday (20/9/2020) that the shooting occurred when the Rev Zanambani walked to his pig farm.


“The location is quite far from his house, about the distance from Abepura to Waena (in Jayapura City, about 10 Km),” described Ugiba to Jubi.



“Father Zanambani went to the farm to feed his pigs on Saturday (19/9/2020) at around 4 pm Papua time.”


Jubi also obtained similar information from another resource Aner Maisini, the son of the Rev. Yokobus Maisini who was Zanambani’s neighbour in Hitadipa. Aner Maisini said that on Saturday (19/9/2020), the priest and his wife went to their ‘honai’ (traditional hut) located at the riverbank from their house at Kompleks. Sekolah Satu Atap YPPGI.


“Done with the pigs, while he was about to go home, TNI shot him down on the spot,” said Maisini.


“Mama (Zanambani’s wife) told him to go home because it was already late. But he thought it was still bright, Zabambani lit a fire. Shortly after, TNI came and opened fire against him,” he added.


“Today (Sunday, 20/9/2020) we are carrying out the funeral procession for the Rev Yeremias Zanambani at Hitadipa,” Aner Maisini told Jubi.


He further said that currently, local people are living in anxiety because of the oppression by the military during the sweeping operation.


As a native of Intan Jaya, Maisini urged both military and police leaders as well as soldiers on duty in Papua to not sacrifice civilians in their operation to chase the insurgent group who killed a soldier in Hitadipa a while ago.


“As a local, I hope that in chasing the perpetrator who killed a soldier yesterday, TNI should avoid what had already happened to Father Yeremias Janambani to other civilians,” he said.


The Rev Yeremias Zanambani was known as a highly dedicated person in providing the Church service at Intan Jaya and translated the Bible from Indonesian to Moni (local language of Intan Jaya). He was former vice chairman of the GKII Synod of Hitadipa and was active as Chairman of the Bible College of Theology at Hitadipa and advisor for GKII Region 3 Papua. Father Zanambani left behind a wife and six children, three daughters and three sons. (*)



Reporter: Jean Bisay

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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