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Military spokesperson says victims of military operation in Sugapa are members of insurgent group


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Jayapura, Jubi – Colonel Eko Daryanto, the military public relations chief of Cenderawasih Military Command, says a victim killed on Tuesday (18/2/2020) in the armed conflict in Yaparo Village of Sugapa Sub-district, Intan Jaya Regency was an insurgent group member. He also claims that a boy killed in the same shooting location shot by the armed group.

Colonel Daryanto’s clarification is opposite to a witness’ statement cited by Jubi on Tuesday. Jubi resource told that both victims Kayus Sani and Meky Tipagau are civilians. He also informed two women had wounded during the attack.

As cited by Antara News Agency, Eko Daryanto states that the joint enforcement troop had involved in a gun conflict with an insurgent group in Sugapa on Tuesday at 7.20 Papua time when they saw two insurgent members carrying two guns. “They involved in a gun conflict while chasing those insurgents, but this armed group made to escape to the cliffs and bushes ahead to Ugimba,” says the colonel in Jayapura on Wednesday (19/2/2020).

Moreover, according to him, the troop later found Meky Tipogau’s body when checking the location after the conflict. He declares the victim Tipogau was shot by the military while carrying a weapon, but his friend was able to run away with his gun. Also, during the operation, the joint military troop seized a laptop, a cellular phone and two assembled guns, a facsimile machine, a bow and arrows.


Eko further states that during the armed conflict on Tuesday, the insurgent group shot the joint military forces randomly. “Their fire hit 14 years old girls named Kina Sani who shot in her left sole,” says Eko.

Earlier, on Tuesday, Jubi published an article saying two civilians reportedly killed in Sugapa. According to Jubi source, the victims Kayus Sani and Meky Tipogau shot by the security forces in their houses. He stated that the shooting incident happened in the Tuesday early morning in Yoparu Village, Sugapa Subdistrict.

Jubi also reported that two women had injured during the armed conflict in the same location. Elepina Sani, Meky Tipogau’s mother, was shot in her hand, and now treated by locals in Yoparu Village. Meanwhile, Malopina Sani who shot in her leg referred to Timika for further medical treatment on Tuesday. (*)


Reporter: Aryo Wisanggeni G

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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