The Indonesia's military personnel - Suplied

Military Ready to Support Clearing to Make Way for 150 Hectares of Paddy Fields in Nabire Regency

The Indonesia's military personnel - Suplied

The Indonesia’s military personnel – Suplied

Nabire, Jubi – The acting Nabire regent has launched a paddy field extension project of 150 hectares in Nabire Regency on Monday (11/1/2016).

The project would start in February 2016 by clearing land intended for cultivation, said the Head of Nabire Agriculture and Plantation Office, Yasor V. Sawo at the allocated paddy field located at Wanggar Sari Village of Wanggar Sub-district, Nabire Regency, Papua.

This preparation of paddy field, according to him, is targeted to be done in June or July 2016 and ready for planting.

He added the preparation process would be fully done by Army Engineering Directorate while the Nabire Agriculture and Plantation Office has obligation to supervise and monitor the implementation of work until ready for planting.


“Land clearing, weeding, paddy bedding, irrigation, patches and so on are the Army’s responsibilities,” he said.

While the funding source for the land clearing and this preparation is derived from the State Budget of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture of the fiscal year 2016. “The unit cost per hectare is Rp 20 million. If it’s multiplied with 150 hectares, the total is approximately Rp 300 million,” he said.

At the same place, the 1705 Paniai Military District Commander Lieutenant Air Defense Artillery Yulian Iskandar said the military personnel are always ready to support the agricultural program in Papua, in particular in Nabire Regency.

“Because it has been planned in the program of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Indonesian Army through a Memorandum of Understanding to improve the paddy field in Nabire Regency,” he said.

“And obviously as soldiers in the 1705 Paniai District Command, together with Denzipur 12-OHH (Engineering Battalion), we will execute the work,” he said. (Munir/rom)

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