Musa Sombuk (Jubi)


Musa Sombuk (Jubi)

Musa Sombuk (Jubi)

Jayapura, 28/3 (Jubi) – The Election Commission (KPU) Papua asked the military’s assistance to distribute the election logistics because they have a limited access of transportation during the season of campaign.

“The commission has sent an official letter to the military office asking their assistance to distribute some logistics to regions using their transportation,” said Commissioner Musa Sombuk to reporters in Jayapura on Friday (28/3).

Currently the distribution of legislature election at provincial level to regencies and municipalities in Papua has been done. However, KPU still continues to monitor the further distributions to the polling stations.
“In Papua, the election logistics we procured were only consisting the ballot boxes, polling and cover booths. The rests were printed in Jakarta and directly delivered to each region. We accepted confirmations from regions telling their obstacles to distribute those logistics. Therefore we have sent an official letter to the military for helping us,” he said.

In Papua, the access of transportation has turn a major constrain in distribution of logistic. Moreover, most of transportation modes have being used by the political parties and election’s candidates for their campaign.
“We already had a memorandum of understanding with the Military Regional Command Cenderawasih. We just have to wait a permit from the Indonesian Army Headquarter. But we also have asked the Central KPU to help,” he said.


KPU Papua scheduled the ballot boxes should be arrived at the polling stations at least one day before the poll.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner KPU Puncak Jaya Regency, Darling Tabuni separately said by phone that until today they have only received some stationeries, ballot boxes and polling booths they only received some stationeries, ballot boxes, polling booth and cubicle buffers, while the ballots and while the ballots and letter of transfer has been only provided for DPR Papua and Regional DPR.
“We are planning to distribute it to each sub-district started on 1 April,” he said. (Jubi/Alex/rom)

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