Military Commander: First Sergeant Murib Was Release Because Proven Not Selling Bullets


Jayapura, Jubi – Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Commander Major General Fransen G Siahaan revealed the First Sergeant Murib was released because he was not proven selling bullets to the armed group in Papua.

“He was founded not being involved after investigation. It referred to the Military Police Commander’s report,” the Regional Military Commander Siahaan said in Jayapura this week.

“If it was proven the suspects would be six persons rather than five, right? So I said if it was not proven why should we arrested him?” he added.

About other five military officers who currently on trial, he said he could not tolerate those who sell weapons or bullets to the rebel groups. “I hope they got the heaviest punishment such as death penalty or at least the life sentence and dismissal. Traitors don’t deserve a tolerance,” he said.

When asked about the five suspects might be jealous and disappointed because the First Sergeant Murib was allegedly initiator of bullet trading but he was released then, the commander said it was fine as long as they had evidence. “They could be upset, but where’s the evidence? We referred to the legal process and criminal accusation. We cannot punish him if he was founded not guilty. If we do so we might be taken to the court for pretrial. Moreover the pretrial is becoming a trend today,” he said.


He answered a question about a rumor saying there’s intervention from an important person in Papua Government related to the release of First Sergeant Murib. “No. I never received a call related this issue. Please pay attention, no one dare to intervene the legal process. Whoever they are. Anyone please do not politicize it,” he said. (*/rom)

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