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Military and Police Urged to Stop Backing “Togel” Gambling and Alcohol Activities

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Jayapura, Jubi – Paniai Regent Hengki Kayame urged the chiefs of the military and police to crack down on gambling and alcohol rackeeting involving their subordinates.

“I have stressed that soldiers or police officers to not get involved in backing the sale of alcohol and togel gambling activities,” he said when contacted by Jubi via cell phone on Wednesday (4/11/2015).

The regent even reprimanded police chief, officer of Paniai district military command and Brimob Commander after after looking directly “togel”gambling activities at Enarotali market and visiting several places of Alcohol sales.

“Unscrupulous officials must stop backing up the activities that bring the problems in the society. This area must be secure and peaceful, “he said.


According to him, the matter has been reported to the military commander and Papua Police chief. “Therefore, I have reiterated that the institutions in the area of providing guidance and discipline, before giving sanctions,” he said again.

During his tenure, said Kayame, the area should be secure and peaceful.. “I do not like people get drunk and make noisy even casualties because of togel. Hence, it should be abolished, not to be opened again, “said Paniai regent.

He then appreciated those parties who also aggreed that “ togel gambling or alcohol and other types of gambling to be prohibited in Paniai.

Meanwhile, the coordinating of Evangelical Camp Church (Kingmi) in Paniai, Rev. Gerad Gobai, S.Th recently stated that religious figures in Paniai also supported government policy to exclude all gambling activities.

“Gambling and alcohol should be banned, and we strongly support it since there are many problems resulting from these activities,” Rev. Gobai added.

Previously, Paniai community leader who is also head of Awabutu village, Yermias Kayame said that a number of community leaders also committed to fight on the prohibition of alcohol and gambling. He then hoped that government policy will be realized optimally. (Abeth You)

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