Military and Police confiscate weapons from their members in Pirime

Ilustration (IST)

Ilustration (IST)

Sentani, Jubi  – The Police and Military agreed confiscate weapons from their members in Pirime, Lani Jaya Regency after a dispute involving soldiers and officers on Monday (13/10), Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende said Tuesday.

“We did it to avoid tensions, because weapons could fuel antagonism. So withdrawing weapons is the best way to do. It also applies to the soldiers,” said Mende before leaving for Lani Jaya.

He said police are questioning those who involved in the incident.
“We also examined the scene to find out the direction of the shooting, or whether there were parties who took advantage of the situation. We are investigating. But no power dispute,” he said.

Mende said the police have stabilized the situation.
“Because the armed civilian group is still controlling the area, so we have assigned our officers in Lani Jaya. Once we will conduct the patrol with the military. We are there, as well as the military. We have not declared it stopped. We are not finished, neither is the military. But sometimes being on the spot for months would raise emotions among officersî said the police chief.” he added.


“We keep coordinating with the Commander of Batalyon 756/Wamena and the Wamena Military Regional Commander to avoid bigger clashes.  There are no other victims except the Field Commander Lieutenant Ali. He is fine now,” he said. (Angrias RF/rom)

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