Merauke Regent, Romanus Mbaraka (jubi)


Merauke Regent,  Romanus Mbaraka (jubi)

Merauke Regent, Romanus Mbaraka (jubi)

Merauke, Jubi (25/2)- Merauke Regent,  Romanus Mbaraka said the regency is suitable for agricultural development and will be the ‘rice barn” of Papua and eastern parts of Indonesia.

He said on Tuesday (2/25) that the State Logistic Agency ( Bulog) has provided the supply of rice to various regencies of Southern region of Papua up to Timika, Sorong, Fak-Fak and some other areas of Papua such as Maluku.

The annual average rice production reaches 39 thousand tons.

“Of course, there are various development strategies implemented by government , one of which is agricultural expansion, by opening of agricultural land. So rice production will be increasing from year to year,” he said.
The regent also said that Merauke also recorded infrastructure improvements such as irrigation networks in order to motivate farmers to improve their farming methods.


Separately, Head of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of Merauke, Ir. Bambang Dwiatmoko, said the area offers opportunities for development, including rice growing.

“We do not only focus on the transmigration areas but also will reach out the villages inhabited by the indigenous people of Papua, “he said.

In 2013, the government opened the land for rice farming at Sabon village, Waan district and Suam  Satu and Suam Dua villages, Tabonji district. The results were very encouraging and promising with the rice crop flourishing.

“As a result, local villagers are continuously encouraged to cultivate agricultural land well. The Department of Agriculture and Foodstuff of Merauke is committed to assisting local farmers ” he said. (Jubi / Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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