Rice - suplied

Merauke to Export Rice to PNG

Rice - suplied

Rice – suplied

Jayapura, Jubi / Antara – Merauke regent said he wanted Papua province to be an exporter of rice to foreign countries including Papua New Guinea.

“We are currently trying to export rice to Papua New Guinea. When President Joko Widodo visited Merauke, he was informed that there are gas sources that have not been used yet, which if taken into account the fertilizer plant can be built,” he said in Jayapura on Tuesday (14/07/2015).

Based on communication between Jokowi and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, there was a deal in which the Merauke regent will deliver rice and Papua New Guinea will build a fertilizer plant in Merauke.

“Since rice per kilogram in Papua New Guinea reached Rp 26 thousand, Joko Widodo then offered a deal Rp 5,000 per kilogram if the source of the gas can be used to build a fertilizer plant,” he added.


He said that as the people of Papua, we should not be proud of the taking out from the ground or plucked from the ground.

“We should be proud when the soil can be cultivated productively, such as rice production is predicted to be able to meet the needs throughout Papua,” he said.

He then added by meeting demand for rice in Papua, the Papuan people are able to feed their own people. (*)

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