Rice - Suplied

Merauke to Be Rice Suppliers for Papua

Rice - Suplied

Rice – Suplied

Merauke, Jubi- Papua agriculture chief Samuel Seriwa said 121 tones of rice for civil servants and military/police and that intended for the poor would be supplied from Merauke as instructed by Papua governor Lukas Enembe.

“Therefore, I continue to build communication with the head of Department of Agriculture of Merauke, Bambang Dwiatmoko related to land cleared. According to annual reports, land cleared for cultivation of rice and some other crops is approximately 42 thousand hectares,” he said in Swissbell Hotel on Tuesday (24/03/2015).

He then said in order to deal with the scarcity of fertilizers the government would cooperate with two companies to distribute them.

Admittedly, some regencies such as Jayapura and Nabire and Keerom also produce rice, but the outputs are still very small compared to Merauke.


The government will continue to provide support for a wide range of facilities for land clearing equipment including agriculture and irrigation improvements.

The head of Agriculture in Merauke, Bambang Dwiatmoko added, the government will continue to encourage and motivate farmers to clear land as well as to developed a variety of different crops including rice. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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