Yohana Gebze (Jubi)


Yohana Gebze (Jubi)

Yohana Gebze (Jubi)

Merauke, 16/4 (Jubi) – A nurse at a public health center has lodged a police complaint against the head of the Merauke public health department because her salary has not been paid since last year.

Yohana Gebze and her husband Johan Gebze demanded the health chief, Stef Osok, to pay her salary.
“Yes,  my salary has been held because of my absence.  The reason I did not work because I was sick and was told to have a lot of rest because I had gallstones,” she told tabloidjubi.com on Wednesday (16/4).

She  said  in November 2013, she was invited to meet head of the Merauke Health Department and  showed her medical record, but it still refused to pay her salary.
“It is not because I was lazy and did not want to work. It was because I was not fit enough,” she said.

After that, she received an official memo demanding she return to work. On November 28, 2013, she return to work on condition that her salary would be paid. But there was no payment.
“Apparently the new official treasurer paid a month’s salary in January 2014. In fact, I was told that when I worked again, the rest of my salary would be paid. As I am not satisfied, I met the head again for clarification. He then asked me to proceed a letter from the head of health center and I did, ” she said.


However, when met and showed the letter to the treasurer, the treasurer told the salary was back to the local treasury.
“I then asked for the salary slip back,yet it was not shown as well,” she explained.

“This morning (Wednesday, 16/4), I went back to the office and met the treasurer for clarification. Still, I did not get straight answers and it seem they manipulate me, “she said.

“We came to the office many times, still there were too many excuses. So, it is better to report to the Merauke police for a further investigation,” John Gebze said.

Merauke police police spokesman Richard Nainggolan said declined to comment on the complained, saying he had not seen the report. (Jubi / Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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