Prosecutor Office in Merauke (Jubi)


Prosecutor  Office in Merauke (Jubi)

Prosecutor Office in Merauke (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi (2/5) – The head of Prosecutor’s  Office in Merauke, Raja Sakti Harahap said a former Head of State Pawnshop Company (Pegadaian) of Merauke was arrested in Manado on May 1 after refusing to answer summons twice.

“I and the Section Head of the Special Crime of the Merauke High Attorney, Y Zebua and the Section Head of Intelligent of the Merauke High Attorney flew to Manado to make the arrest and brought him to the Manado Attorney Office. Currently he has already at the Merauke Attorney Office for investigation,” Harahap said at his office on Friday (2/5).

According to him the suspect was the Head of Pegadaian Merauke Office from 2006 – 2010. He used his position and authorities to do the channeling and installment of the credit funds without referring to the proper procedure. It’s also found the use of improper fiduciary and fictitious budget. He made loss up to Rp 1.975 milliard for the State.

He further said it’s not necessary to arrest him in Manado if the suspect was cooperative to response the summons from the Merauke Attorney Office. “Yes, because he didn’t response the summons twice, so we should come to Manado to arrest him after obtaining information that he was there,” he said.


When asked about the process of detention, Harahap said it was running safely and smoothly. The team of Merauke Attorney Office came to his business place and he was arrested there.
“We have communicated with the Manado Attorney Office earlier,” he said.

He said this corruption case is still on the process of investigation and so far the determined suspect is the former head. However it was not possible to get another suspect. “I have ordered to investigate and file the case as soon as possible, and then to prepare the charges and wait for the trial schedule at the Jayapura High Court,” he said.

The Section Head of Special Crime of the Merauke Attorney Office, Y. Zebua added that before the investigation, the suspect was held a health examination in the local general hospital. (Jubi/Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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