Indigenous peoples of Papua in Merauke - Jubi/Ans K

Merauke Government Urged to Pay Attention To Buti people

Indigenous peoples of Papua in Merauke - Jubi/Ans K

Indigenous peoples of Papua in Merauke – Jubi/Ans K

Merauke, Jubi – Buti people who are the customary landowners of Merauke City finally have their own village.

Previously, they were registered in Samkai Vilage of Merauke Sub-district. However, until it gained its autonomy status, it will have its own government.
A Buti native, Hendrikus Hengky Ndiken, who is also the councilor of the Merauke Legislative Council told Jubi on Tuesday (4/10/2016) that based on the last survey and data verification, there were 184 Buti households.

“We must be honest that up to now the Merauke Regional Government have not paid attention to them yet. Therefore, the launched of definitive village and the village chief is expected to encourage the regional government to build their infrastructure and economy,” he said.

All residents of Merauke Citym said Hengky, should be thank to the Buti residents who have given their land to become the territorial of the city that is used for the purpose of the development activity. “The government didn’t pay the ransom,” he said.

He suggested the government to build the houses based on Buti’s tradition; therefore the village could set as the customary as well as the tourism village. “There are many vacant areas in Buti that not utilized yet. So, please use it for the housing development,” he asked.

One of the initiators to form the Buti Village, Burhanuddin Zein said the common struggle of some seniors for this village has raised different opinions. However, he kept building the communication and providing the understanding towards Buti community about the idea of the village.
“At the end the people received it well. Then, we keep continuing our communication to the government, therefore in this year, Buti is officially becoming a village,” said Burhan. (*/rom)


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