Thousand arowanas smuggled through Mopah Airport – Jubi

Merauke Air Force Commander Promises to Investigate Alleged Involvement of Military Officers in Arowana Smuggling

Thousand arowanas smuggled through Mopah Airport – Jubi

Thousand arowanas smuggled through Mopah Airport – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – Merauke Air Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Muhamad Arwani promised to investigate allegations that Air Force members were involved in the smuggling of 1,000 arowanas through Mopah Airport.

“I just arrived from Jakarta and has not received a detail report about the involvement of Air Force officer who caught through CCTV at Mopah Airport when tried to pass the arowanas to the flight,” the Commander Arwani said to reporters at Raya Mandala Square on Wednesday (11/2/2015).

The Merauke Air Force will coordinate and work together with some related stakeholders such as Mopah Airport Management, Natural Resource Conservation Body (KSDA) and the local police for further investigation. “So, temporary I could not say much about this case because I just got back from Jakarta,” he said.

However, he promised to process the involved culprit in accordance with the military procedure. “Yes, I will invite the journalists to make further confirmation after meeting with several institutions,” he said.


Earlier, the Merauke Mopah Aiport Chief, Rajoki Aritonang said his office will conduct a thorough investigation on the alleged arowana smuggling case through the airport. “We immediately established an investigation team to follow up the case,” he said.

Further, Aritonang said arowana is protected species and strict by law to pass by from Merauke Regency. ‘I will be more strict in guard system at Mopah Airport,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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