Members of Four Clans Occupy Health Office in Merauke


Merauke, Jubi- The Merauke Health department was blockaded by members of four traditional Papuan clans to protest the government’s delay in settling payments for on an area of approximately 42 hectares.

“We had sent a letter on the settlement of compensation. However, there has not been a follow-up from the government so far, “ chairman of Indigenous Kaya -Kay, Donatus Mahuzse said last week.
The clans taking part in the protest are Mahuze, Gebze, Balagaise and Basik-Basik

He said the land has been ‘controlled’ by the government since 1962 without compensation.
“On behalf of the people of the four clans, we urge government to settle the land compensation. As long as there is no guarantee, we will still occupy this office, “he said.

With the planting of sasi custom, anyone banned retracted, before completion. “Yes, we will revoke sasi custom if the government undertakes to make payment in cash to the people of the four clans,” he said.

Regarding the amount of compensation, he explained, because it has been occupied by the government for decades, governments are required to pay Rp 66 billion. In a letter sent to the regent of Merauke, Romanus Mbaraka some time ago, the amount of compensation was mentioned in detail.


He himself with people from the four clans will occupy the office until there is an explanation from the government regarding the compensation settlement.

Secretary of health department, Kaimudin said, this action has been reported to the head of the local health department, Stef Osok. Basically, the government will continue to complete the payment of compensation. Only, it needed further instructions from the top level. (Frans L Kobun)

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