Member of Police produce the alcohol drink in Muting, Merauke



Merauke, Jubi (3/1) – A police officer on duty in Muting Subdistrict, District of Merauke, was caught producing the traditional alcohol drink. Soon, he got warning and removed from his duty station to the Police Regional Office of Merauke.

Met at his office on Friday (3/1), the Head of Operation Division of Police Regional Office Merauke, KompolMuhzinNeungkela conveyed this case to “Once we got the public report, we immediately process this report and remove the official from his duty station,” he stated.

Based on data in 2013, the operations over the local alcohol drinks’ production resulted 546 bottles sopi, the traditional liquor, along with the equipment such as boiler, stove and some other tools. Also found up to 1000 litters of sagero, the other traditional alcohol drink, which was made from yeast and other ingredients. These products were immediately destroyed at the first place.

“We also found 60 locations that were often produce the local liquor. Within a day, every location was able to produce up to 20 liters of alcohol drinks and ready for sale to anyone who wishes to buy. Based on these locations founded, we are conducting this operation continuously,” he said.


There are five abuse cases committed by the members of police officers found in the other data. Four of them were given the written sentence, while the other one was arrested for 21 days.  Also found 9 members who were not performed on duty.  In addition, there was one immoral case and 8 cases of misuse of weapons. A written warning was given to these members.

Further, continue Muhzin, two affair cases found. The person treated under penalty of 21 days of detention and postponement of promotion for one period. In the year of 2013, the number of criminal cases reached 561 cases. This figure is higher comparing to the cases happened in 2012 with 529 cases.

Member of the Regional Representatives Council of Merauke, SoterKamiawi, in separate time, was asked to give his comments on this issue. He asked the police officers to intensify their patrols and to conduct operations to control the distribution of the traditional liquor either from Merauke or outside of Merauke. Because according to him, the cause of the increasing number of crime in Merauke is people got drunk after drinking the alcohol drinks before commit the criminal action. (Jubi/Ans/P. Maizier)

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