Megalithic Tutari Site Needs Serious Attention


Sentani, Jubi – Some visitors said Tutari Megalithic sites, which are national cultural heritage objects and located in the village of Doyo Lama, Waibu District, Jayapura regency, Papua needs better attention and care.

“The Tutari site needs attention because there are a number of paintings on the rock that have been covered with moss, “said Mustari, a visitor on Thursday (17/12/2015).

According to him this prehistoric objects should be preserved.

“This objects should be preserved, otherwise our children and grandchildren will not know about prehistoric artefacts,” said Mustari, a social studies teacher of SMP Negeri 2 Kota Jayapura.

Meanwhile, Erlin Novita Ijde Djami, chairman of the ‘workshop’ of the Archaeological Institute of Jayapura said, one of workshop agenda was by taking participants to visit and see closer objects, such as prehistoric megalithic Tutari.


This field trip was aimed that cultural objects can be used as one of learning materials for Papuan students.

“We hope the participants be able to create a local material so that the students can understand their own culture, “he said.

He further explained the megalithic site is associated with ancient cult activity in Sentani.

“This site has been divided into six sectors which consists of parts of objects paintings as a sacred place where there are 110 menhirs that still remain standing,” said.

Currently, the moss began to cover a number of paintings on stone and some trees around the site for development purposes. “It should be noticed by all parties,” he said.

Archaeological Center Jayapura, since Tuesday (15/12/2015) until Thursday held a workshop with the theme of archaeological reconstruction of ancient culture reflection of the national identity that involves the 30’s junior high school teachers from three regencies and city. (*/ Tina)

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