Students who killed in Paniai last year - Jubi

Meepago Students Demand Papua Police to Reopen Probe into Shooting Case in Dogiyai

Students who killed in Paniai last year - Jubi

Students who killed in Paniai last year – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Meepago Students demanded Papua police to reopen the investigation a shooting that killed one person and injured seven others in Ugapuga, Dogiyai, Papua on Thursday (25/06/2015).

The request followed a statement from the Papua Police that the attack that killed Yoseni Agapa (15) at kilometer 220 was carried out by a group of unidentified people.

“The results conducted on June 25 was mistaken, because the shooting was carried out by officials who have not been identified. It is proved with the existing shell casings at the crime scene, “Natalis Gouw stated in Jayapura on Tuesday (30/06/2015).

In response, he asked the Papua Police to conduct investigation again by involving students, traditional leaders and local communities.
“Students, traditional leaders, members of National Human Rights Commission and community leaders should must be involved,” he added.


A similar sentiment was also stated by Marthen Agapa. He said the car blocking done by the society is merely trivial, but why should there is loss of life.
“I think this is wrong, why the authorities did not give a warning but instead of fired. Evidence already exists, so that the perpetrators can be revealed. It is necessary for re investigations involving students, and Papua Legislative Council. Otherwise police would not re-investigate it and it means there is an attempt to cover this case, ” Agapa. Added.

He considered, if the case is not handled immediately, it will be prolonged. “We want this case revealed for this issue and immediately find the shooter,” he added.

Meanwhile, Methas Agapa added this country is a democracy, so it should speak up based on evidence. Team investigation of Papua police should involve students.
” I urge students, traditional leaders, community and other agencies to get involved and any one who are proved guilty must proceeded in accordance with applicable law “he said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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