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Saturday, 1 November 2014 - 03:19 WIB

Media Working Group Supports KPA Mimika in HIV/ Aids Prevention

Timika, Jubi – The chairman of the Media Working Group of Mimika Aids Prevention Commission (KPA), Ida Wahyu said its presence was to support efforts to prevent the danger of the spread of HIV / AIDS.

“For this year, the Media Working Group is entrusted to hold some programs on World AIDS Day in Mimika regency,”  Ida said on Thursday (30/10).

The group is also seeking  to raise sympathy, empathy and concern for the people with AIDS, she said.

“Mapping the printed and electronic media as part of campaign priorities for HIV / AIDS is an urgent matter, so the media is involved in outreach and awareness campaign of this dangerous disease,” she said.

Ida , who is also the head of Mimika Regional Secretariat of Public Relations, said the public needed to work together in creating a clean and health environment to combat HIV and AIDS. She said she hopes all relevant parties to be cooperative and focused in achieving the goals.


“The bottom line is the media working group supports in efforts of fighting HIV/AIDS and we hope to stay healthy and avoid the dangers of this deadly disease,” she said.

Meanwhile, secretary of KPA Mimika, Reynold Ubra, said he fully support the  Media Working Group.
“We expect the media to play an active role, especially related to media and socialization as well as other things, to build public awareness of the dangers of HIV / AIDS,” he said. (Eveerth Joumilena/Tina)

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