Meatballs Trigger A Shot by A Police Officer


 Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – Jerry Nawipa, a victim shot by a police officer at Gorong-Gorong, Mimika Regency on Saturday night (10/1) is currently hospitalized at Mimika Public Hospital (RUSD Mimika).


His father confirmed it by phone on Sunday (11/1) from Jayapura. “Yes, he is now treated at RSUD Mimika after being shot in the chest by an officer las night,” he said.


Piet Nawipa who also Mee Tribal Chief at Mimika Regency said this incident happened because of the missunderstanding betwen his son’s friend with the meatball seller at Gorong-Gorong.



My son and his friend ate meatball, but they had no enough money to pay. They both asked the seller’s permission to return tomorrow for the rest money. But the seller didn’t agree and reported them to the Police near the location,” he said.


But somehow, Piet said, his son was reportedly being shot in his right chest. “I’ve heard my son got shot from my wife. Jerry came home with blood covering his body, so we immediately took him to the hospital,” he said.


Related to the shooting incident, he said he will wait until his son get better. “We can not ensure wheter he is being shot by a rubber or sharp bullet. And currently we are still waiting the recovery progress. We will also file a question to the Mimika Police Chief in relation to this incident,” he said. (*/Rom)

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