Medical staff taken sample of blood of Mbua residents - Jubi

Mbua Residents Need More Health Workers

Medical staff taken sample of blood of Mbua residents - Jubi

Medical staff taken sample of blood of Mbua residents – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan legislator of Nduga constituency, Emus Gwijangge said Mbua residents currently need health workers to provide health care and immunization for children.

According to him, up to now 74 children have died. But people only got assistance from two paramedics trained by missionary instead of the government’s health workers.

“These two paramedics are certainly not able to serve the whole residents. So immunization and medical treatment is not optimal. Papua Police team actually helped people by providing immunization and mass treatment, while both provincial and regional health offices have not done anything. There are plentiful
foods and medicines; but how could people But how could people take it without medical staffs to advise them,” Gwijangge told on Wednesday (20/1/2016).

He said as a native who was born and grown up at Mbua Sub-district, he felt disappoint with Nduga regional government and parliament. He reminded all related stakeholders to not only wait for the budget, directly go observe on the ground. Do not let this condition spreads out to the nearest sub-districts.


“But I’ve heard that Nduga Regional Government didn’t allocate Mbua case in the regional budget for current year. Well, for whom the budget was allocated? In fact, the budget was allocated for community. I just returned from the sub-district few weeks ago. People’s condition is very concerned,” he said.

He thought the Nduga Regional Government seems laidback with this issue, though, according to him, Papua Governor has provided Rp 1 billion grant to Nduga Regional Government. “The grant has been transferred in late December after the meeting of Papua Provincial Budget 2016. Do not restrain it. It should be utilized for public needs in Mbua sub-district,” he said.

Mbua Sub-district chief, Erias Gwijangge, similarly said it was useless if the local government provided medicines to people without medical staffs.

“If the medicines provided without medical staffs, how could people know how to take the medicines? Also, I want to use the governor’s aid to hire the medical staffs to give medical treatment for residents,” said Erias Gwijangge. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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